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How can I bring more integrity and transparency to our political system?

Contact the political candidates

Tell them you want more transparency with our background checks through Transparency In Politics Certification. has a way for you to contact your elected officials by entering your own address.

We regret that we do not have candidate lists available for counties outside of Nevada. These are available at your state’s office of the secretary of state or your county voter registrar.

Click here for the list of candidates who will be on the November 2024 ballot.

Coming soon: List of Clark County, Nevada candidates

Then, copy and paste our standard email template:

Dear [name of elected official],
My name is [your name] and I live in [City / State]. I had to have a background check. I was shocked to learn that this is not a requirement for political candidates. I urge you to be transparent about your history and qualifications by ordering the Transparency In Politics/Peopletrail Background check and sharing it publicly on the Transparency In Politics website.
Please check out the website, order your background check and share it with the public. The process only takes a few steps to complete and demonstrates to voters that you care about trust and integrity.
Be strategic and don’t let someone else tell your story – visit the Transparency in Politics LLC website to complete the background check.
I appreciate your time and dedication to integrity. We deserve to know who you really are. We as voters look forward to seeing your background check posted on the Transparency in Politics website.
Thank you for considering my request.
[your name]

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Transparency in politics

Student Intern Position

Are you interested in politics? Marketing of political candidates, political campaigns? We’re looking for excited students to assist with research, data collection, marketing to political candidates/campaign managers, and outreach to young voters. We’re a nonpartisan start-up focusing on the 2024 elections nationwide.

Gather data on election cycles, salaries of elected officials, requirements for office, the use of background checks in elections, and related topics. Research trends in campaign contributions and school board elections. Create spreadsheets, infographics, reports, etc.

Complete the form to apply.

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