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George Santos, New York

George Santos, US House of Representatives, Republican, New York

A number of news outlets have reported that Santos falsified a number of items on his resume, including his education, work experience and ethnicity. Additionally, it is reported that he has unresolved legal issues in Brazil. There have been calls for his resignation. It appears that it did not work out so well for voters to rely on the research of his opposition to discover the veracity of his claims. A background check would have revealed these inaccuracies.

George Santos refuses to resign despite political pressure -Associated Press  Jan. 11, 2023


McCarthy says Santos will remain in office as N.Y. Republicans call for his ouster-NPR, Jan. 11, 2023


GOP Rep.Santos refuses to resign despite political pressure-LA Times, Jan. 11, 2023


House Ethics Committee Opens Santos Investigation: Here’s Everything The Embattled Congressman Has Lied About-Forbes, Mar. 2, 2023


George Santos’ lies evolved and thrived because of neglected newsroom practices – Poynter


Santos says he didn’t think people would find out about lies because he ‘got away with’ them during 2020 campaign


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