Candidates need a current, accurate background check

to be sure about what’s out there during their campaign. Don’t let someone else tell your story!

Through a unique partnership,
we offer a RELIABLE
Transparency In Politics / Peopletrail
background check
to political candidates ONLY.

Our background check is performed by Peopletrail LLC with guaranteed accuracy and compliance with federal and state laws. It is the best and most reasonably priced background check service for political candidates.

You can use this Seal in all of your campaigns and indicate to voters that they can review your background check on our website.

We authenticate this background check through the TIP Seal.

Order your TIP/Peopletrail Background Check

Price: $295

Unique Background Checks

See a comparison chart of the popular background checks:

Here’s why

  • The only background check of its kind that can be ordered by anyone with guaranteed accuracy and is federally compliant.
  • Reaches beyond criminal to include education, employment history, military service and professional license verification.
  • Peopletrail is certified by the Professional Background Check Association – only 3% of background check companies have this distinction.
  • Peopletrail is US-based and has live American customer service.
  • Quick turnaround time – 2-3 days.


  • Give voters the opportunity to know you based on verified facts rather than critics and opponents’ assessments
  • Call out opponents who are not TIP certified for lack of transparency and integrity
  • Verify to voters that the information on your resume is correct
  • Reduce the stress of opposition research by making the first move,disclosing potentially embarrassing discoveries
  • Know that you’ve done the SAME background check as your opponents
  • Feel superior to your opponents by increasing confidence in your leadership and ethical compass


  1. Click the yellow button “Order the Background Check,” and submit your contact information on the form.
  2. You’ll be sent the Terms and Conditions and a link to make your payment of $295 for the Peopletrail/TIP background check.
  3. After payment and signed Terms and Conditions are received, TIP sends you a link to the Peopletrail application. TIP will not see any of this application. TIP cannot disclose that you have ordered the background check.
  4. In 2-3 days, Peopletrail will send the report to you, and you will be able to review the report for accuracy and notify Peopletrail of any items that need corrective action.
  5. You will decide whether to share your report publicly on the TIP site. TIP will not see your report until you decide to share it publicly.

See more details in our Terms and Conditions

Download our TIP Peopletrail FAQ

It’s easy to demonstrate integrity and your transparency through TIP certification.

  1. After you’ve reviewed your report , notify TIP of your decision to share the report on the TIP site.
  2. Sign the Transparency In Politics Contract and submit payment.
  3. Your information will be posted to TIP within 48 hours unaltered.
  4. You will receive the TIP Certification Seal to use in all your communications.
  5. As a bonus, you’ll receive a confidential Social Media Check from Peopletrail.

Any skeletons in your closet will be out in the open for public access, and if opposition research tries to use them against you, you’ll be ready.

We encourage political candidates to know what is out there on the Internet about themselves.

They are already hard at work doing their opposition research. While Peopletrail’s search can go back as far as 25 years, only the last seven will appear on the report that would be posted. This report is NOT a review of social media or interviews with anyone. It is NOT a credit check.

Again, considering how much the opposition will be digging on you, you’ll have an advantage getting out in front of it-be proactive, not reactive to mudslinging assertions.

The actual report that is produced generally dates back 7 years. You will be able to add explanations to items that need context when you review your report. You are the one who gets to decidewhether the report will be posted.

You will have a chance to explain that in the report the public sees. Just let Peopletrail know that you’ll need extra space for that.

No, not until you share it publicly.

In our research, professional licensing agencies almost never do another background check after the initial license is issued. For instance, if you’re a judge, it might have been 30 years since a background check was run on you (when you were admitted to the Bar). The public wants to know that your record is still what it was. It’s important to get current information. Errors occur; you want to be sure that what’s out there is accurate.

First, how current is it? Some reports should not be relied on for more than a few months. The public does not understand the scrutiny involved in those kinds of background checks. If you want to increase voter confidence, do the TIP background check and post it to become TIP Certified. The Seal will tell voters about your willingness to disclose. You’ll also help them directly compare candidates with the same background check.

Yes, you can, but its accuracy will not be guaranteed and there is no assurance for the public that it has not been altered. The TIP Seal shows that a background check by Peopletrail with guaranteed accuracy has been shared publicly on the TIP website. TIP only issues the Seal for background checks done through their site.

Once the TIP Certification Seal is provided, it can be used on all promotional materials, social media, and websites. TIP will submit the names of participating candidates to news outlets within two business days of the signing of the agreement.

TIP’s funding comes from fees charged to elected officials/candidates for their Transparency In Politics Certification.

Due to the cost of nonprofit status and complying with the IRS regulations for nonprofits, TIP is not a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit. TIP needs to be able to make changes quickly with this evolving endeavor. This does not take away from TIP’s commitment to being a nonpartisan project.

TIP Certification is open to all races anywhere in the US.

TIP has an extensive list of voting resources dedicated to nonpartisanship. See our Helpful Websites page to view a list of these resources.

Yes, there is no vetting process or editing reports whatsoever. Candidates will only redact their birthdates and the last four digits of their SSN. Learn more about Peopletrail on our Peopletrail About page.

We are equally as dedicated to integrity as you are. We will never sell your information.

Be prepared,
not exposed.
You need to be sure that the information the opposition may discover is ACCURATE above all.
don’t defend.
You can be proactive and not reactive to your opponents unfavorable comments.
Verify, be
Only the TIP/Peopletrail background check offers third-party verification of your report.
Don’t be sorry,
get sealed.
The TIP Certification Seal is only offered with the TIP/Peopletrail background check.